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Cozy and Functional Stoves 

For a convenient way to enjoy the warmth and comfort of an indoor fire, consider our selection of freestanding household stoves. Consumers can rely on E & E Chimney Sweeps to provide a range of options when choosing a stove. We offer a variety of fuel types, sizes, and styles to fit into any home.


The radiant warmth of a wood-burning stove lets you easily appreciate the traditional ambiance of a crackling fire. Our designs provide an update to the old-fashioned heating fixture while retaining its charm.


A gas stove adds a contemporary flair to the comfort of cheery flames on display. This clean-burning, highly efficient fuel is a great option for today’s home. Find out how the convenience of our gas-burning models can fit your needs.


For an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient alternative, pellets offer a flexible fuel option. Compressed biofuels from a variety of sustainable sources such as corn, sunflower, and wheat in addition to various grades of wood, allow you to choose the material that works best in your area.


Coal is one of the most cost-effective materials to fuel a powerful yet cozy fire, and our models keep it burning as efficiently as possible to heat any home.

Based in Fairless Hills, E & E Chimney Sweeps offers a selection of stoves Central New Jersey and Mercer County can count on. Browse our catalog today for more information.

Fun and Functional Fireplaces 

For a beautiful and functional centerpiece that will add to the value of your home, consider the features of well-designed fireplaces. Consumers can benefit from the selection offered by E & E Chimney Sweeps. We offer a variety of options to suit any style of fireplace needs.


There are few things more comforting than the crackle of a traditional wood fireplace. Enjoy the rustic warmth of your wood-burning fire with the modern updates offered by our selection of designs.


A gas-powered indoor fire offers a combination of ambiance and convenience. Producing an easy-to-control flame with a clean burn, these energy-efficient models make a great choice for the environment of a modern household.


For all the feel of a cozy fire with none of the hassle, try the ease of an electric fireplace. Simply plug it in and enjoy the instant gratification of blazing flames with low energy consumption. These are a cost-effective and low-maintenance way to enjoy a fire.


A fireplace is a great way to enjoy your outdoor area in all seasons. Give yourself, your family, and guests more space to enjoy by adding this valuable feature to your home.

For a great selection of fireplaces, Consumers can rely on E & E Chimney Sweeps. Browse our catalog or come by today to check out what we have in store for you.

Efficient Fireplace Inserts 

A great way to update older fireplaces without sacrificing any of their charm is by investing in quality fireplace inserts. These correct the inefficiencies of conventional fireplace design by providing and insulated system with a closed door that allows your fires to burn more slowly, hotter, and with less harmful emissions. E & E Chimney Sweeps offers installation in a wide variety of types and styles.


A wood-burning insert is a simple and convenient way to make your traditional fireplace more efficient, allowing you to preserve your heat and fuel. We offer designs to fit any size fireplace, so it is easy you get the most out of your fire in any space.


Our gas fireplace inserts allow you to transform your existing masonry or other hearth into a clean-burning, fuel-efficient fire that makes the best of both form and function. Gas is easy to control and keeps your home environment healthier. See how you can upgrade today without disturbing the design of your living space.


A pellet burning system can revolutionize the way you use your fireplace. Our inserts bring the comfort of an old-fashioned fire up-to-date with effective and environmentally friendly fuel technology with pellets made from compressed biofuels.

E & E Chimney Sweeps provides fireplace inserts. Contact us today to let us know how we can help with the heating and comfort of your hearth and home.